Fiberoptic Rhinolaryngoscopy

Flexible rhinoscopy is a quick, office-based procedure used to examine the entire nasal cavity.


It is most commonly performed by allergists & otolaryngologists in the evaluation of nasal obstruction, sinusitis, epistaxis, anosmia, other symptoms of rhinitis.Commonly encountered findings include nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, abnormal turbinantes.


Laryngeal rhinscopy is used for evaluation of hoarseness, cough, post nasal drip & vocal cord dysfunction (VCD/PVFM). 

Common laryngeal findings include reflux caused by heartburn, abnormal vocal cord movements as found in VCD. 


It is commonly performed by allergists in the evaluation of allergic rhinitis. 


Flexible rhinoscopy is commonly performed in the office or at the bedside with no specific preprocedure restrictions. An average evaluation takes less than 2 minutes and is well-tolerated by the majority of patients.


The procedure is recorded and the fijndings are reviewed after the procedure. 

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