Please try and read everything in the Q/A section below  

before making your COVID-19 Testing Appointment 

Q: What kind of testing will be done?

A: Rapid COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Antibody Testing with results in 15 minutes. Our fully licensed on site laboratory uses CELLEX, the first FDA approved IgM and IgG Rapid Antibody Test.


Q: How much does it cost?

COVID-19 tests are free with your visit if you have commercial insurance, Medicare or Medicaid under the CARES Act.

Q: What if I am positive? 

A: There is no treatment for COVID-19, and depending on the stage, you may have illness, be actively recovering or have had the illness and now have recovered. Doctors and researchers are working on medicines and a vaccine for coronavirus. Most people with the illness, including children, get better with rest and fluids. People who are very ill get care in a hospital with breathing help, IV fluids, and other treatments.

Q: Can I get tested if I am feeling very sick? 

A: No. If you are very sick with high fevers, headache, back aches,GI Illness such as stomach pain, nausea or diarrhea, severe cough or an inability to breath, please seek immediate medical care at the nearest tertiary medical facility such as your closest hospital. We only perform testing for asymptomatic or individuals with mild symptoms who want to know if they have the illness or have had it. If you present to testing with very severe symptoms, you will be referred to a tertiary center immediately for your own safety.

Other SARS-CoV-2 Testing Protocols and Information: 

In an effort to keep our patients & staff safe, we will be screening visitors, new patients, existing patients & shot patients.  Based on recent CDC  recommendations, every person (>2 yrs of age) who enters our clinic will be required to wear a mask. 


If masks are not available, bandanas, scarves, and other cloth materials may be used instead.

We are dedicated in the care and safety of our patients.  

Please limit the number of visitors coming to our clinics.

  • In an effort to keep our patients & staff safe, we will take temperatures and screen all patients who enter our clinics, as well as visitors. It is very important that you answer the questions completely and follow given instructions. Even mild respiratory symptoms for one could cause significant health problems for our older patients or those with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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